What To Do When You Can't Activate a Used iPhone

Most of the iPhone user faces a lot of problems from buying a used iPhone when they try to activate the on their carrier's network. When an iPhone user can't be activated due to the feature of Find my iPhone service called activation lock. iPhone Repair activation code is just like the security that protects the iPhone users to deal with the theft and in a case when their iPhone gets lost.

How to remove Activation Lock on iPhone repair with the previous Owner In order to remove activation lock you have to enter the previous owner Apple ID. So, if you are in connection with the seller you can bring the phone back to them.

How to remove activation Lock with the previous Owner using I Cloud - if you can't access the seller it might be a difficult situation for you . in that case, in that case, a seller can remove his account by using his I Cloud account by following these steps - Go to I Cloud and sign in to the Apple id that is being used to activate the phone. Tap on Find my iPhone application and then click on all devices. Now you must click the I icon in order to see all details then click on Remove from Account.

How to erase an iPhone using I Cloud - If the previous owner didn't erase the iPhone the seller can use the I Cloud to erase it. For doing this process connect your phone with the Wi-Fi connection or the cellular network and ask the seller to do the following steps. Go to I Cloud and sign in your ID, Click all Devices and select your phone now click on erase iPhone and after erasing you have to remove your account. Restart your phone and now you should be able to set it up. Still facing the same situation visit iPhone Repair to sort out the situation.